Playtime in Paradise Offers
Great Kid/Family-Friendly Beach
& Water Activities For All Ages!


‘Playtime In Paradise’ is your outdoor recreational playground for an amazing, one-of-a-kind beach day! Explore our kid-friendly beach & water activities from sandcastle sculpting to lunch inclusive snorkel and tour packages! Our lunch inclusive half day packages are especially ideal for cruise ship passengers or vacationers that’s looking to take advantage of as many beach activities as possible in a short amount of time.


We plan, you PLAY!
“We’re Here to Make Your Beach Days a Little More Blissful! ” – Playtime

There's Always Playtime, Wherever There's Paradise!


Enjoy a single sandcastle sculpting session, or pair it with snorkeling and an additional water activity to create the ultimate beach package! This is the perfect beach day for you, whether you’re staying overnight or only for a few hours.

2.5hr Sandcastle Sculpting Activity & Picnic

Beach Activity Packages


"My Daughter had such a wonderful time at her playtime in paradise session! It was an amazing hands-on activity for her. She was fully engaged the entire time just having a BLAST! There were lots of healthy refreshments and snacks, she also offered complimentary bottled water. Playtime In Paradise was an awesome experience!"


"Playtime In Paradise has afforded me a more valuable sensory experience, and an opportunity to bond creatively with my son. On the way home, he kept ranting about how much fun it was building sandcastles. It was a first time experience for us both. As old as I may be, there was something very grounding and therapeutic about this common purpose, creative and fun activity."

Adari & Kyeshon

"I can’t believe how much fun I had playing in the sand- LITERALLY! On a beach in The Bahamas? What more can an old guy ask for! It was great to relax and be carefree. I’m 71, but It made me feel like a kid again! I enjoyed every moment of it!"


Fun and More In The Sun!!

Your Beach Days Just Became A Little More Blissful!